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Salesian Pontifical University



SDB CHANGE Congress | The Congress of the Salesians of Don Bosco that  will enhance the ability to network  in the economic field by promoting the connection and exchange between economers, through regional meetings and international seminars.

19 | 23 SEPTEMBER 2022





Today this exceptional moment is affecting us deeply. It is a time of global change. And today's decisions will influence the whole world for a long time: the Salesian Congregation will follow this path and put all its contributions at the service of all. These words of Benedict XVI help us to do so: "Educating young people in justice and peace", in the conviction that they, with their enthusiasm and their ideal drive, can offer new hope to the world. The Church looks to young people with hope, trusts and encourages them to seek the truth, to defend the common good, to have open perspectives on the world and eyes capable of seeing "new things" (Is 42:9; 48:6)!


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Our chance, our challenge.



The world is changing. How will the #Salesians respond?

The SDB Change Congress is the initiative organized by the Salesian Congregation with the aim of providing solutions and guidelines to better deal with current change. The leitmotif of the entire Congress is to create a network among the recipients, because the whole Congregation is preparing for the future. We all need to be informed and updated.


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Our chance, our challenge.


Muller copia.png

Jean Paul Muller

General Economer of Salesian Congregation:

«At a time when lack of knowledge pertaining to connections in our world prevails, we are offering Change Congress to transform and discover our resources into active means in order to benefit today's and tomorrow's youth. We are experiencing the negative whirlwind of our time like a disturbance in the flow.

We feel less stable, less flexible and room for possibilities seems limited. Now is the time to focus on our strength and our vision of a world with and for young people. Where do we go from here? What steps can be taken? What are the Salesian works for the future? That's what we want to discover with the Change Congress, which is already underway on our social networks and soon taking place live in Rome. Let's create a breath of fresh air for a constructive future!»

Vedovato copia.jpg

Antonello Vedovato

Salesian Cooperator and Founder of Edulife Foundation:

«Man is at a crossroads: "either he will get involved in the choice to live his own life project in depth, seizing the dilemmas to be faced using the strength of his passion, or he will find himself caught up in an apparently comfortable but secure decline towards a new and dangerous form of slavery in which the social, cultural and spiritual gap will have reached its peak, in a complete annihilation of Humanity


Janis McDavid

speaker, author, and world explorer

Janis is authentic and approaches topics with the knowledge that dreams can come true. In using himself as an example, he shares his own experiences and positive mindset, leaving his listeners, determined to seize opportunities even in the most adverse circumstances. Having been born without arms nor legs, he has faced many challenges throughout his childhood and youth with enormous courage, and he has never let his disability decide what he can and cannot do, or influence his lifestyle.

PostLammens copia.jpg

Filip Lammens

General manager of VIA DON BOSCO,

at the SDB Change Congress and will discuss Blockchain Technology as regards two key aspects: advanced cybersecurity and the features of Distributed Ledger Technology.

PenedoPost copia.jpg

Nelson Penedo

Director General of the Don Bosco Mission Bonn

«The pandemic has reinforced the unequal distribution of justice, health and security. It is those who are weak and particularly concerned about their economic existence, who need the assistance and support of the state and society, even in those countries where the economy, health system and rule of law are weak

LarreyPost copia.jpg

Philip Larrey

Catholic priest - Chair of Logic and Epistemology at the Pontifical Lateran University

«The richness of the Catholic philosophical tradition, can shed incredible light on issues that are being debated right now in the technological field such as artificial intelligence or robots

MachnikPost copia.jpg

Andreas Machnik

of Pax Bank

«We want to make a contribution to a future worth living. We believe in the good and work for good solutions, for people and creation

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Salesian Pontifical University

The Salesian Pontifical University (UPS) is a University of Pontifical Law dependent on the Holy See, based in Rome.

Piazza dell'Ateneo Salesiano, 1 - 00139 Rome - Italy

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